Teenagers’ New Fundamental Right

Teenagers’ New Fundamental Right

“I’m not a puppet, I’ve my own fundamental rights, I can go with anyone I feel like going, who he to check me? If He’s my X it doesn’t give him any right to have a dual with my present.”

These lines by a schoolgirl of 14 or 15 gave food to my brain to think about fundamental rights. After listening to her plea , I thought there should be introduced one new article in the fundamental rights’ section according to which a person is free to go with anyone and as many ones he/she chooses. The person should be free to do this and if anybody (including parents) tries to check thehim/her, it should be taken as a heinous crime.

At a time when Anna Hazare was asking for rights to have a corruption free India, that poor girl was asking for her fundamental rights to go and loiter around with anyone. ’What if she goes on a hunger strike asking for her fundamental rights? ‘I thought.

It’s really a matter to be elated if at such a tender age, you get a partner who will be with you through all thick and thin, guiding you on the path of life. But is it really so? Do the relations our youth is having these days have any life in them. What a pity that our youngsters get reminded of their fundamental rights only while talking about things like affair. Commitment and breakup are the two most commonly used phrases in our youth’s dictionary. While the reminiscences of our culture like touching the feet of elders are fast evaporating from our youth’s lives, the new trends of having boyfriend and girlfriend are entering their lives at a very fast pace.

In this competition of so called modernity and tradition, which one is going to win is not tough to predict I think. When I used to be a student, we were brought up with the idea that friends are forever. Bacon’s idea that only a saint or a devil can remain alone and we homo-sapiens being social animals need society has got changed. If Bacon had been alive today he would have written this with a little amendment that ‘only a saint or devil can live without a girlfriend/boyfriend.’ Please don’t take me for one who’s against love, after all it’s love only that’s running the universe even in these critical times. But what bothers me is how a student of 14-15 can decide a match for herself. When I was of that age, I couldn’t even go shopping alone, let alone finding a match on my own. Being mature and independent is a good thing but isn’t our youth outgrowing itself leaving ‘the pleasures of innocence’. In what a hurry it is to know everything. And things that surprise as well as pain me are that when a student must concentrate on his studies and career, he is busy keeping an account of the boyfriends of a particular girl and having duals, what nonsense. I don’t find any point in that girl’s crying, “I’m not a puppet.”

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