Relax Boys, we empathize with you too!


“I stay at home and look after kids. My wife goes to office,” Vivaan, my three-year-old son replied when I asked him why he didn’t go to office. A neighbor who had just entered to take part in our role play responded with raised eyebrows, “What?” while a grin spread over her face.

What’s wrong in that? I thought to myself. Of course I didn’t communicate the words to that lady.

How often we fret about the wrong done to girls in our society by not allowing the same freedom to them as is provided to lucky masculine gender. But isn’t our society partial to our boys as well. Of course what my son said was just while doing role play. But what if he chooses to do the same while he grows up? Will our judgmental society be okay with it?

Isn’t it high time our society stop deciding roles and jobs for others? Shouldn’t we allow our children to be what they wish to be? It’s so simple yet so hard in our society.


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