My Tiny Wonder

Yesterday, while taking a stroll with my tiny wonder (my son), who’s just two and wants to get everywhere and grab everything he can put his hands on and talk to every stranger, even I became a kid for some time and realized that I can still laugh at small wonders like the twinkle of a star and smile from the bottom of my heart to a sheer stranger getting nothing but smile in return. Having this heavenly experience, I got conceived with some lines I’m begetting now:

Running helter-skelter, fascinated yet aloof

Trying to get everywhere, in every single nook.

He is teaching me a myriad of things,

Reminding me that I’m still a bit of human being.

He fills my heart with love up to the brim, and I just wanna sing

However course my voice may be,

I sing a prayer my Lord praising thee

For giving me that artist, who for me a means of catharsis

Which years ago Aristotle taught,

He is reminding me all which I just forgot.

I just forgot how to walk in rain, and cry in pain.

But forgetting for a moment every single strain,

Now I get dear Wordsworth

Why did you say ‘The child is the father of man.’

What we can’t do (even after efforts), he effortlessly can

He can smile at strangers

Getting nothing but smile in return.

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