Moon Uncle (poem)

Today I am going to talk about all Kids’ close relative and buddy; chanda mama. After parents and grandparents, I feel kids develop strong intimacy with this mama. So many rhymes and songs have been written on chanda mama; my son also enjoy listening to some of them like: chanda mama door ke. In my poem I have also tried to put some information about this moon uncle of kids. Hope kids as well as grown-ups will enjoy. Read the poem here:


Moon Uncle (poem)

Moon uncle, moon uncle

Why do you live so far?

My papa says that you too are a star

Are you the king of night, that’s why so big?

Is this light your own, or some kind of trick?

I know you steal it from uncle Sun,

But your doing so is really fun.

You give light to dark nights, making them cozy and calm,

The first man to reach you was Neil Armstrong.

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