I dwell in expectations,

And expectations are nothing but moss

Grown on the surface of my otherwise beautiful skull…or may be heart

I don’t know where do expectations grow

That’s why I prefer to say, “I dwell in expectations,”

Not expectations dwell in me.

And expectations are nothing but moss

And they have no roots

Or have they?

No, they shouldn’t have

There is no reason or base for them to grow.

So I think they shouldn’t have roots

That’s why I prefer calling them moss.

Or are they cobwebs?

Needing to be cleaned.

But I feel they have roots

Somewhere deep-down

In some far end corner

Then they can’t be moss or cobwebs, but

Weed they may be

Grown on my creativity and productivity.

I don’t know what expectations are

But one thing I know for sure

They can’t be anything pleasing or needful

They should be done away with straightaway!!


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