I have come across so many kinds of persons in my life, but I had never had the privilege of knowing such a great personality as our Gangudin. The moment I met him, I felt he was directly coming out of the pages of a novel and was not a real life character.


I had just joined the college. This was my first job and the first person I met was no other than our Gangudin, a skinny person, fully sanguine with Chinese eyes. The very physique reminded me of the characters painted by Geoffrey Chaucer, a literary stalwart, in his Canterbury Tales. He had got a skinny body having little flesh, while the stomach was trying to get out and a speed that could fail any bike. In my graduation I had prepared a report on a bike and I named that bike Accelerate Toofani-a bike having a great speed. Gangudin’s speed reminded me of that bike.


It is normally said and believed that a person’s life is always similar to his temperament   as ‘You become what you think’. I also have met many people whose thinking and life style match but this was quite a new case for me where I found a person’s life identical to his gait. Whenever he walked he would come with such a speed as he was not going to stop; or spare any body that would come in his way. He would remain in motion even after reaching his destination and it took him time to calm down.


So Gangudin was in the habit of using no breaks either while walking or driving. And he used to walk towards his goal with the same speed without any breaks. His goal in life was to find a girl, and mind it, a Baniya girl and he started making attempts to achieve that goal at a very tender age. He was in tenth standard and his eyes caught fancy of a girl-a Baniya girl. That girl used to pass his home daily and he enjoyed looking at her. She was one year senior to him and was in eleventh standard. But a day came when our Gangudin also was in eleventh standard and joined the same school in which she was studying. His happiness knew no bounds as he could again gaze at her but, unfortunately, this happiness could not last long as the girl passed her twelfth and moved to college while our Gangudin was still in school. But fate again helped him, after one long year of separation he could again start his business of gazing at her. He joined the same college. But the ups & downs in his life were not going to end; were adamant to disturb him now and then. Again the sad moment came after two years when it was her last day in college. Now our Gangodin could not resist himself. After all he was doing that stupid business of gazing for a long span of five years.


“Now its high time”, he thought.

“I can’t handle it any more; I’ll have to talk to her”


Gangudin took one of his friends with him and walked towards his destination with determination. But ……… he was out side the room, his heart started palpating and head reeling. He was sweating badly. But his friend encouraged him as Clarissa encouraged Baron to cut the lock of Belinda’s hair in Rape of the Lock. And, after all, our Gangudin was not going to rape the lock, but just to open up his heart. Finally, he mustered up courage and entered the room like a warrior. The presence of the two friends of the girl made him dwindle a little, but he over came his fear and vomited those three magical words:


“I ……….I……….I, lo… you.”


There was a pin drop silence. Gangudin was feeling like the persona of Browning’s poem The last Ride Together. Her yes or no was a question of life and death for him. Then the girl’s reply came:


“You wear your heart on your sleeves. I know you you’ve been enquiring about me for two years. What do you think of yourself? Are you a Salman Khan? Go and look at your face in the mirror. I don’t have any feelings for you. Get lost.”


Uttering of those three magical words extracted all the magic from our Gangudin’s life. These harsh words broke our Gangudin’s heart badly. It gave him great pain but didn’t make him forget his aim. He didn’t gave up .Nothing could shatter his indomitable will and undaunted spirit. He was fully determined to achieve his goal. After all, he fully believed in the saying, TRY TRY AGAIN. After the tragic end of his first one-sided love story, he tried again at another Baniya girl , but he could not express his feelings to her and one day he saw her with her husband. His heart cried, but again he didn’t give up. He tried for a third time, a fourth time, but the result was same. He failed again and again but never lost his heart and is still trying.


What will become of Gangudin is unpredictable. But it is my request to the young generation to follow our Gangudin’s example and learn from him that they should decide their goal in life and move towards it with an indomitable will. No matter, how many times they fail, but they should not give up. But like the attempts the goal should also be a good one as I believe:




You should run after your career,

Not a maid (girl).

For you’ll definitely find a good girl,

If your career is made.

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